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Do you look for ZTE Skate manual and download? absolutely you can find it here. This phone is also named with ZTE Monte Carlo. Beside we give you such an inforation about instruction guide and download, We also share you information that is concluded in summary or riview about this guide. In this Skate page, if there are other product support download, we will give you here. This instruction guide comes directly from the original website. This ZTE Skate comes with pdf format file. You should read this owner manual in order to know about information to operate or configure your phone. In this PDF you can find such as understanding specific absorption rate (SAR), Warning air bag danger, keep children safe, making emergency calls, don't damage your hearing, what should you do if phone getting warm, install phone in a car, charging battery, switching to sleep mode, waking up your phone, remove things from your home screen, use speed dial, answer a call, restore phone to factory, troubleshooting and many more.

zte skate manual

In this ZTE Skate guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  1. Let's Get Started
  2. The boring safety section you really should read : general safety, radio frequency (RF) exposure, national restrictions on wi-fi usage, regulatory information, driving and operating machinery:avoiding distraction, looking after your phone-and yourself, electrical safety, interference and explosive environments.
  3. Getting to know your phone : the keys explained, starting up, switching your phone on/off, getting around Skate, how to make calls, how to receive calls and adjusting your call settings.
  4. Making and Using contacts : importing and exporting contacts, sharing contacts information, creating a contact, adding a contact to favorites, searching for a contact and creating a new group.
  5. Entering text : android keyboard, XT9 text input and Choosing touch input settings.
  6. Sending and receiving messages : sending a text, sending an MMS, managing messages and their 'threads' and message settings.eEmailing : creating an email account, receiving emails, writing and sending emails, replying to and forwarding emails and choosing your email settings.
  7. Getting connected to the internet : adding a new GPRS/EDGE/3G connection, turning on wi-fi, adding a wi-fi network, checking the wi-fi network status, using the phone as a modem and using the phone as a wi-fi hotspot.
  8. Browsing the internet : browsing options, browser settings, opening links in web paeges and using bookmaarks.
  9. Going wireless with bluetooth : turning bluetooth on/off, making  your phone visible, change your phone's name and hook up with another bluetooth device.
  10. Making the most of multimedia : taking pictures with your camera, shooting video with your camcorder, listening to your FM radio, playing your music, playing your videos and making memorable memos.
  11. using your Google applications : Gmail, using google calender, places and latitude.
  12. Sorting out your phone settings : setting time and date, changing display settings, sound settings, language settings, mobile network services, security settings, managing your device memory, privacy : reset to factory settings, managing applications and their settings, installing an application and managing other settings.
  13. Other applications : alarms, docs to go, task manager, note pad, calculator, orange plus and stopwatch.
  14. Specifications
  15. Declaration of RoHS Compliance
  16. Disposal Of your Old Appliance
  17. Limited warranty statement
  18. Cleaning and Maintenance
  19. EC Declaration of conformity
You can get download the ZTE Skate  Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting  and etc here.
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We do not have any responsibility for the content as we describe on our desclimer. You can read the disclaimer for more information. ZTE Skate  User Manual comes from ZTE Website for free download.

Every Download that there is this ZTE Skate Monte Carlo Manual/ User Guide comes from original product company. we do not have any coorporated with the gadgets company or brand vendor. We just share with you ang get collect all product information and support by searching in internet. If you have any error notification link, please feel free to let me know it.
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