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Another smart phone instruction guide from ZTE, ZTE Savvy manual. It is here with other information such as specs, price and troubleshooting information. This user manual has content about Setting Up Your Phone for the First Time, Managing Shortcuts and Widgets, Connecting to Virtual Private Networks, Internet Call Settings, Setting Up Your Own Profile, Responding to an Email, Signing In to See Your Friends, Sharing Location, Searching by Speaking, Using Your Phone With a Hearing Aid Device and many things that you can find in this pdf user guide.

 ZTE Savvy manual

Anyhow, As we have informed you, we will give you some information about its feature of specification below this.

  • 4.0 inches Capacitive touchscreen display
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system
  • 1.0GHz Qualcomm MSM8625 processor
  • 768 MB RAM
  • 4 GB ROM
  • support for up to 32 GB microSD card
  • 5 Megapixel rear camera with Auto Focus, Zoom, MMS supported
  • 1600mAh capacity of battery
  • 3GCDMA EVDO Frequencies
  • HD video capture
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • USB
  • 3.5 mm Headset Jack
  • Price : -

In this ZTE Savvy guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  • Getting Started
  • Personalizing
  • Knowing the Basics
  • Connecting to Networks and Devices
  • Phone Calls
  • People
  • Accounts
  • Email
  • Gmail
  • Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Google Talk
  • Google+
  • Browser
  • Maps, Navigation, Local and Latitude
  • Google Search and Voice Search
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Music
  • Play Music
  • Video Player
  • Sound Recorder
  • More Apps
  • Play Store
  • Settings
  • Troubleshooting
  • For Your Safety
  • Specifications
  • Note

Using Quick Settings

The Quick Settings in the Notifications panel make it convenient to view or change the most common settings for your phone. Open the Notifications panel and you can find the following Quick Settings on the top of the screen. Slide left or right to view the setting options. 

  1. Auto-rotate: Tap to turn on or off the Auto-rotate screen feature. 
  2. Sound: Tap to turn on or off vibration.
  3. Wi-Fi: Tap to turn on or off Wi-Fi.
  4. Data: Tap to enable or disable data access over the mobile network.
  5. Bluetooth: Tap to turn on or off Bluetooth.
  6. GPS: Tap to turn on or off GPS function.
  7. Sync: Tap to turn on or off account sync.
  8. Airplane mode: Tap to turn on or off the Airplane mode.
  9. Brightness: Tap to adjust the screen brightness.

Changing Your Online Status

  1. Tap your own entry at the top of your friends list.
  2. In the screen that opens, tap your current status to change it (or to sign out of Talk).
  3. Enter a status message, or if you already have one, edit it. In addition to the standard status settings, you can also tap Change to a recently-used status to select a message that you’ve entered previously.
  4. Press the Back Key to return to your friends list.

Activating Location Services

To use Navigation, Local, and Latitude, and to find your location on Google Maps, you must have location services turned on on your phone.

  1. Press the Home Key > Menu Key > System settings > Location services.
  2. Select the location options you want to use.

Check Google’s location service to use Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine your approximate location; check GPS satellites to use GPS satellites to determine your location; check Location & Google search to use your location to improve search results and other services.

You can get download the ZTE Savvy Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

Manual View ZTE Savvy

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ZTE Savvy Manual

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Savvy Download Area

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