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Here is Sony Xperia Tipo manual if you are looking for this instruction guide of this mobile phone that is also called as Sony Tapioca. We have the information about instruction guide that directly come from the original website. Not just the download link but We also give you the information about manual that is summarized on review and also its download. This Sony Xperia Tipo comes in pdf format file. You have to read this owner manual in order to know about information to operate or configure your smart phone such as remove the battery cover, access the setup guide manually, activate the screen, lock the screen manually, check the battery level, add the Data traffic widget to your Home screen, share an item from your Home screen, get an overview of all widgets on your Home screen, share an application from your Application screen,  arrange applications on the Application screen and many more about other information here.

sony xperia tipo manual

In this Sony Xperia Tipo guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  1. Important information
  2. Android™ – what and why? : Applications
  3. Getting started : Assembly, Turning the phone on and off, Setup guide, Screen lock and Accounts and services.
  4. Getting to know your phone : Phone overview, Using the keys, Battery, Using the touchscreen, Home screen, Accessing and using applications, Status and notifications, Phone settings menu, Typing text, Keyboard and Phonepad settings, Customising your phone, Memory, Using a headset with your phone, Internet and messaging settings, Controlling data usage, Turning off data traffic, Data roaming and Network settings
  5. Calling : Emergency calls, Call handling, Voicemail, Multiple calls, Conference calls and Call settings.
  6. Contacts : Transferring contacts to your new phone, Contacts screen overview, Managing your contacts, Communicating with your contacts, Sharing your contacts and Backing up contacts.
  7. Messaging : Using text and multimedia messaging and Text and multimedia message options.
  8. Email : Using email, Using email accounts and Gmail™ and other Google™ services.
  9. Google Talk
  10. Getting started with Google Play : Downloading from Google Play, Clearing your application data, Permissions and Installing applications not from Google Play.
  11. PlayNow™ service : Before you download content and Downloading from the PlayNow™ service.
  12. Getting organised : Calendar and Alarm clock.
  13. Scanning with the NeoReader™ application : NeoReader™ application menu overview.
  14. Synchronising data on your phone : Synchronising with Google, Synchronising your corporate email, calendar and contacts, Synchronising with Facebook™ inside your Xperia™ phone and Synchronising using SyncML.
  15. Connecting to wireless networks : Wi-Fi
  16. Web browser : Browsing the web, Navigating web pages, Managing bookmarks, Managing text and images, Multiple windows, Downloading from the web and Browser settings.
  17. Music : Copying media files to your memory card and Using the music player.
  18. Identifying music using TrackID technology : Using TrackID™ technology results.
  19. Using the FM radio : FM radio overview, Moving between radio channels, Using your favourite radio channels, Making a new search for radio channels, Switching between the speaker and the handsfree and Identifying radio tracks using TrackID.
  20. Taking photos and recording videos : Camera controls overview, Adding the geographical position to your photos, Using still camera settings, Tips on using the camera and Using the video camera.
  21. Viewing photos and videos in Gallery : Working with albums and Working with photos in Gallery.
  22. Bluetooth™ wireless technology : Naming your phone, Pairing with another Bluetooth™ device and Sending and receiving items using Bluetooth™ technology.
  23. Connecting your phone to a computer : Transferring and handling content using a USB cable, Transferring files using Media transfer mode via Wi-Fi, PC Companion and Media Go.
  24. Using location services to find your position : Using GPS, Google Maps and Using Google Maps™ to get directions.
  25. Backing up and restoring : Types of content you can back up.
  26. Locking and protecting your phone : IMEI number, SIM card protection and Setting a screen lock.
  27. Updating your phone : Updating your phone wirelessly and Updating your phone using a USB cable connection.
  28. Phone settings overview
  29. Status and notification icons overview : Status icons and Notification icons.
  30. Application overview
  31. User support
  32. Troubleshooting : My phone is not working as expected, Resetting the phone, I cannot charge the phone, No battery charging icon appears when phone starts charging, The battery performance is low, My wired headset does not work, I cannot transfer content between my phone and the computer, when using a USB cable, I cannot use Internet-based services and Error messages.
  33. Recycling your phone
  34. Legal information
  35. Index

You can get download the Sony Xperia Tipo Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

Manual View Sony Xperia Tipo

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Sony Xperia Tipo Manual

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Xperia Tipo Download Area

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We do not have any responsibility for the content as we describe on our desclimer. You can read the disclaimer for more information. Sony Xperia Tipo Manual comes from Sony Website for free download.

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