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Samsung R455 (Net10) manual user guide is the product that we will give you the information now, but first of all we will provide you about Samsung R455 (Net10) specs. we get the information about specifications of this mobile phone from Samsung website. Samsung R455 (Net10) is perfomed with 2.4 inches TFT Display With 320 x 240 pixels resolution. It is powered with 268.8MHz ARM9 Qualcomm processor, 100 MB internal storage and microSD or microSDHC for 16 GB. This smart phone is also equipped with 1.3 megapixels back or main camera with Shot Modes, Mosaic, Night Shot, Series & Single; Camcorder; Online Image Uploading. For another specifications are Symbian operating system, 4.59 x 2.11 x 0.62 inches dimensions, 3.7 oz weight, 1140 mAh capacity battery, Bluetooth and microusb.

samsung r455 net10 manual

Talking about the instruction guide is one of the way for how to know anything about the  mobile  phone.we provide you a table content from this PDF guide, so you can see what are you looking for. The instruction content that contains of 138 pdf pages is about guide that is concluded as follows:

  1. Getting Started : Setting Up Your Phone, Charging the Battery, Activating Your Phone, Locking and Unlocking the Phone and Memory Card (Optional).
  2. Understanding Your Phone : Features of Your Phone, Front View (Closed), Side Views, Front View (Open), Back View (Closed), Display Screen, Menu Navigation, Entering Text ad Phone Modes.
  3. Call Functions : Number Entry Dialing, Contact Dialing, Speed Dialing, Quick Search Dialing, Voice Dialing, Answering a Call, Recent Calls and Roaming.
  4. Menu Navigation : Menu Navigation, Menu Option Numbers and Menu Shortcuts.
  5. Voice Service : Voice-Activating Your Contacts List and Voice Settings.
  6. Understanding Your Contacts : Your Contacts List, Adding a New Contacts Entry, Finding a Contacts Entry, Editing an Existing Contact Entry, Speed Dial Numbers, Renaming a Contacts Group, Deleting a Contacts Entry, Sending a Contacts Entry and Memory Info.
  7. Messages : Creating and Sending New Messages, Message Send Options, Receiving New Messages, Voicemail, Messages, Erasing Messages and Message Settings.
  8. Camera : Taking Pictures, Camera Options and Brightness.
  9. Games & Apps : Games, Music Player and Camera.
  10. My Folder : My Ringtones, My Images and Memory Status.
  11. Browser : Launching the Browser, Using the Browser, Using Links and Browser Menu.
  12. Tools : Tools Menu, Bluetooth, Voice SVC, Calendar, Memo Pad, Alarm Clock, World Time, Calculator, Stop Watch, Converter and Tip Calculator.
  13. Changing Your Settings : Accessing Your Settings, Location, Display Settings, Sound Settings, Call Settings, Phone Settings and Phone Info.
  14. Health and Safety Information : Exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) Signals, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Certification Information, Smart Practices While Driving, Battery Use and Safety, Samsung Mobile Products and Recycling, UL Certified Travel Charger, Display / Touch-Screen, GPS & AGPS, Emergency Calls, Care and Maintenance, Responsible Listening, Operating Environment, FCC Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless Devices, Restricting Children's Access to Your Mobile Device, FCC Notice and Cautions and Other Important Safety Information.

And for the overview of Samsung R455 (Net10) for knowing about part of the  mobile phone. Here it is below on the picture.

samsung r455 net10 overview

Front View

  1. Alternate Left Soft Key used when the phone is open for QWERTY keypad use.
  2. Alternate Right Soft Key used when the phone is open for QWERTY keypad use.
  3. OK Key — In Standby mode, launches the Prepaid Menu. When navigating through a menu, accepts the highlighted menu option.
  4. Left Soft Key — In Standby mode, launches the Main Menu. Used to navigate through menus and applications and to select the choice indicated at the bottom left corner of the display.
  5. Send Key — Lets you place or receive a call. In Standby mode, press the key once to access the Recent Calls log.
  6. Speakerphone Key — Enables/disables Speakerphone mode. Allows you to conduct a call hands-free or share calls with other people nearby.
  7. Voicemail Key — Dials your voicemail folder on your Wireless Carrier server.
  8. Star / Special Function Key — Press and hold in Standby mode to lock the keypad. Toggles text capitalization.
  9. Microphone — Lets the other caller hear you clearly when you are speaking.
  10. 0 / Special Function Key — Activates Voice SVC voice recognition.
  11. Pound / Special Function Key — Activates/deactivates Vibrate Mode. In Text mode, enters a space.
  12. Clear Key — Deletes characters from the display when you are in text entry mode. Press this key to return to the previous menu or screen when navigating features on your phone.
  13. Power On-Off / End Key — Ends a call. When you press and hold the key, the power goes On or Off. When you receive an incoming call, press to send the call to voicemail.
  14. Right Soft Key — Used to navigate through menus and applications and to select the option indicated at the bottom right corner of the Main Display.
  15. Navigation / Shortcut Key — In Standby mode, acts as shortcut keys. In Menu mode, press Left, Right, Up and Down to scroll through menu options.
  16. Display — Indicates the status of your phone (including numbers dialed, feature and function screens, status icons, message indicators and contents, signal strength) and shows touch controls (hot buttons, keypads, and menus).
  17. Earpiece — Lets you hear other parties to calls, music, and tones.

Side View

  1. Accessory Connector — Attach an optional accessory strap.
  2. Volume Key — Lets you adjust the ring volume in Standby mode, adjust the voice volume during a call, or mute the ringer during an incoming call.
  3. Camera Key — In Standby mode, press and hold to launch the Camera. A short press takes you to the My Folder menu.
  4. Headset Connector — Used to connect an optional wired headset or TTY device to your phone.


  1. Camera Lens — The lens of your built- in camera.
  2. Mirror — Lets you take self portraits.
  3. Back Cover — Lets you access your phone battery and memory card slot.
  4. Memory Card Slot — (Located under the Back Cover) Used to plug in an optional microSD™ memory card for additional multimedia file storage.
  5. Speaker Grill — Lets you hear ringing and alert tones, alarm tones, and the other parties to calls.
  6. Charger/Accessory Connector — Used to connect a Travel Adapter or USB Data Cable to your phone.

You can get download the Samsung R455 (Net10) Manual, Manual, setup, troubleshooting , etc here.

Manual View Samsung R455 (Net10)

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Samsung R455 (Net10) Manual

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Samsung R455 (Net10) Download Area

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