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If you are the owner of Samsung Gusto 2, You can find Samsung Gusto 2 Manual here. Samsung has released this low-end phone and bundled by Verizon wireless, so you can also get this information in verizon wireless website. Not just about user manual but we also give you another information such as Samsung Gusto 2 specs, overview and table content of pdf user manual. It has a design of display such as 2.00 inches TFT screen with features such as 128 x 160 pixels pixels resolution, 1 inches CSTN Additional display, 97 x 49 x 19 mm dimensions and also 111 gram of weight. It is Powered with 400 MHz processor and 64 MB internal storage. It has 1000 mAh capacity battery with 7.00 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time. This mobile phone is also equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB.

samsung gusto 2 manual

Samsung Gusto 2 User Guide is also released with pdf files format. You can find here, sometimes Samsung did not include you the manual book in a box. This also can be read by online in your gadgets that has been installed pdf reader. Also you can download it in your computer and read it. The instruction content that contains of 175 pdf pages is about guide that is concluded as follows:


  1. Notes, Cautions, and Warnings
  2. Working on Your Computer : Before Working Inside Your Computer, Recommended Tools, Turning Off Your Computer and After Working Inside Your Computer.
  3. Getting Started : Understanding this User Manual, Activating your Phone, Displaying Your Telephone Number, Battery, Turning Your Phone On and Off, Easy Setup, TTY Mode, Roaming and Voicemail.
  4. Understanding Your Phone : Features of Your Phone, Closed View of Your Phone, Open View of Your Phone, Side Views of Your Phone, Navigation Keys, Functional Keys, Understanding the Home Screen and Understanding the Menu.
  5. Entering Text : Changing the Text Entry Mode, Entering Text Using T9 Word, Entering Text using Palabra, Entering Text using Abc/ABC/abc Mode, Entering Quick Text, Entering Symbols, Entering Smileys and Entering Numbers.
  6. Call Functions : Making a Call, Answering a Call, Recent Calls, Fake Call and Sound Alert Mode.
  7. Understanding Your Contacts : Adding a New Contact, Erasing Contacts, Editing a Contact, Managing Contacts, Adding Pauses or Waits, Finding a Contact, Making Calls using Contacts, Groups, Speed Dials, Emergency Contacts, My Name Card and Backup Assistant.
  8. Messaging : Types of Messages, Creating and Sending Text Messages, Creating and Sending Picture Messages, Creating and Sending Voice Messages, Receiving Messages, Message Folders, Voicemail, Mobile Email, Social Networks, Emergency Alerts and Messaging Settings.
  9. Bluetooth : Bluetooth Service Profiles, Turning Bluetooth On or Off, Bluetooth Options and Adding a New Device.
  10. Media Center : Search, Tunes & Tones, Pictures, My Pictures, Games, Mobile Web, Browse & Download and Extras.
  11. Tools : Voice Commands, Calculator, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Stop Watch, World Clock, Notepad, Phone Search and VZ Navigator.
  12. Web : Mobile Web
  13. Settings : My Verizon, Volume, Bluetooth, Sounds, Display, Phone, Call Settings, Memory, Phone Info and Set-up Wizard.
  14. Health and Safety Information : Exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) Signals, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Certification Information, FCC Part 15 Information to User, Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS), Smart Practices While Driving, Battery Use and Safety, Samsung Mobile Products and Recycling, UL Certified Travel Charger, Display / Touch-Screen, GPS & AGPS, Emergency Calls, Care and Maintenance, Responsible Listening, Operating Environment, FCC Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless Devices, Restricting Children's Access to Your Mobile Device, FCC Notice and Cautions and Other Important Safety Information.
  15. Warranty Information : Standard Limited Warranty and End User License Agreement for Software.
  16. Index

Here is an overview for your mobile phone for your first point of manual for getting know about your phone.

Closed View of Your Phone


  1. Camera Lens: The lens of the built-in camera.
  2. Front Screen: Shows signal and battery strength, time,day, and date, plus calls or message notifications.

Open View of Your Phone


  1. Earpiece: Allows you to hear the caller.
  2. Main Screen: Displays phone features.
  3. Voicemail Key: Press to access voicemail.
  4. Right Soft Key: Press to select the command at the lower right area of the display screen.
  5. Messaging Key: Press to access the Messaging menu.
  6. End/Power Key: Press to end a call. Press and hold to turn the phone On or Off.
  7. Vibrate Mode Key: Press and hold to activate Vibrate Mode.
  8. Voice Commands Key: Press and hold for Voice Commands.
  9. Clear Key: Press to delete numbers or characters from the display, or to return to the previous item or screen.
  10. Send Key: Press to place or receive a call. From the Home screen, press once to access the All Calls log. In Case of Emergency (ICE) Key: Press to access stored emergency numbers and information.
  11. Left Soft Key: Press to select the command at the lower left area of the display screen.
  12. Directional and OK Keys: Press left, right, up and down to scroll lists or screens, or to select a highlighted item.

Side Views of Your Phone


  1. Strap Attachment: Attach an optional strap (not included).
  2. 2.5 mm Headset Jack: Plug in an optional headset for music, or for safe, convenient conversations.
  3. Camera Key: From the Home screen, press to activate the Camera. When using Camera, press to take a photo.
  4. Speakerphone Key: With the flip open, press and hold to activate the Speakerphone. With the flip closed, press and hold to activate Voice Commands, or press 4 times to initiate a Fake Call.
  5. Cover Release Latch: Pull here with your finger to remove the battery cover.
  6. Charging/Accessory Port: Plug in charging accessories, and connect compatible accessory cables.
  7. Volume Key: Press to adjust Volume. Press Down to silence an incoming call ringtone. From the Home screen, press and hold Down to switch between Sound Off and the previous Volume level. With the phone closed, press Down 4 times to initiate a Fake Call.

You can get download the Samsung Gusto 2 Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting  and etc here.

Manual View Samsung Gusto 2

You can view first before get the pdf

Samsung Gusto 2 Manual

Get your pdf here

Samsung Gusto 2 Download Area

Get Download Area for more file such as, software, firmware, driver, pc suite, etc here

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