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Here it is a new samsung product with its pdf ebook, Samsung Galaxy SIII mini manual. you can get that download link for support product here. We provide you not Galaxy SIII mini just the user guide download but also pdf review. For your information this user guide is contained in 114 pages of PDF file that you can download in here from Samsung website. You can save it into your gadgets or pc so you can read for tomorrow or next time when you need it. In this pdf you can get some information such as Charging with the charger, Formatting the memory card, Finger gestures, Setting wallpaper, Opening from recently-used applications, Connecting with Samsung Kies, Setting a face unlock, Viewing webpages, Sharing webpages, Syncing with other devices, Configuring settings for Camera, Syncing with Google Calendar, Getting directions for a destination, Tethering and portable hotspot and many more as you can find in your pdf ebook.

samsung galaxy siii mini manual


In this Samsung Galaxy SIII mini guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  • Getting started : Device layout, Buttons, Package contents, Installing the SIM or USIM card and battery, Charging the battery, Inserting a memory card, Turning the device on and off, Holding the device, Locking and unlocking the device, AdGalaxy SIII miniusting the volume and Switching to silent mode.
  • Basics : Indicator icons, Using the touch screen, Control motions, Notifications, Home screen, Using applications, Applications screen, Help, Entering text, Connecting to a Wi-Fi network, Setting up accounts, Transferring files, Securing the device and Upgrading the device.
  • Communication : Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Email, Google Mail, Talk, Google+, Messenger and ChatON.
  • Web & network : Internet, Chrome and Bluetooth.
  • Media : Music Player, Camera, Gallery, Video Player, YouTube, FM Radio and Flipboard.
  • Application & media stores : Play Store, Samsung Apps, S Suggest, Game Hub and Video Hub.
  • Utilities : Memo, S Planner, Clock, Calculator, Voice Recorder, S Voice, Google, Voice Search, My Files and Downloads.
  • Travel & local : Maps, Local, Latitude and Navigation.
  • Settings : About Settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data usage, More settings, Home screen mode, Blocking mode, Sound, Display, Storage, Power saving mode, Battery, Application manager, Location services, Lock screen, Security, Language and input, Backup and reset, Add account, Motion, Accessory, Date and time, Accessibility, Developer options and About device.
  • Troubleshooting

Connecting as a media device

  1. Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable.
  2. Open the notifications panel, and then tap Connected as a media device --> Media device (MTP). Tap Camera (PTP) if your computer does not support Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) or not have any appropriate driver installed.
  3. Transfer files between your device and the computer

Nearby devices

  1. File sharing: Activate media sharing to allow other DLNA-certified devices to access media files on your device.
  2. Shared contents: Set to share your content with other devices.
  3. Device name: Enter a media server name for your device.
  4. Allowed devices list: View the list of devices that can access your device.
  5. Not-allowed devices list: View the list of devices that are blocked from accessing your device.
  6. Download to: Select a memory location for saving media files.
  7. Upload from other devices: Set to accept uploads from other devices.

When you turn on your device or while you are using the device, it prompts you to enter one of the following codes:

  1. Password: When the device lock feature is enabled, you must enter the password you set for the device.
  2. PIN: When using the device for the first time or when the PIN requirement is enabled, you must enter the PIN supplied with the SIM or USIM card. You can disable this feature by using the Lock SIM card menu.
  3. PUK: Your SIM or USIM card is blocked, usually as a result of entering your PIN incorrectly several times. You must enter the PUK supplied by your service provider.
  4. PIN2: When you access a menu requiring the PIN2, you must enter the PIN2 supplied with the SIM or USIM card. For details, contact your service provider.

The touch screen responds slowly or improperly

If your device has a touch screen and the touch screen is not responding properly, try the following:

  1. Remove any protective covers from the touch screen. Protective covers may prevent the device from recognising your inputs and are not recommended for touch screen devices.
  2. Ensure that your hands are clean and dry when tapping the touch screen.
  3. Restart your device to clear any temporary software bugs.
  4. Ensure that your device software is upgraded to the latest version.
  5. If the touch screen is scratched or damaged, take it to your local Samsung Service Centre.

You can get download the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

Manual View Samsung Galaxy SIII mini

You can view first before get the pdf

Samsung Galaxy SIII mini Manual

Get your pdf here

Galaxy SIII mini Download Area

Get Download Area for more file such as, software, firmware, driver, tablet suite, etc here

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