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Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone is supported by AT&T mobile phone. We share you about Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone manual pdf. Also not forget, specs or features are discussed too here. You can get your owner guide by downloading the link that we point to you below this page. some other product also include here. Everything in this manual download link or some review, table content is based onthe genuine website of Samsung. Many information that you can get from pdf file such as Manually add your new network connection, Sharing Information with Connected Device, Pairing Bluetooth Devices, Configuring AllShare Settings, Obtaining Driving Directions, Using Maps, Enabling a Location Source, Setting the Snooze Feature, Sending Contacts via Bluetooth and Apps and other in your ebook pdf.

Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone Manual

Anyhow, As we have informed you, we will give you some information about its feature of specification for general below this.

  • 4G LTE network with 1.5 GHz dual core processor
  • Android v 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Platform
  • Touch screen provides quick response to a variety of in-phone menus and options including applications and up to seven home screens
  • Ready access to the Internet
  • Built-in Bluetooth and advanced Wi-Fi® technology
  • Mobile Hotspot and USB Tethering capability
  • Brilliant 4.5 Super AMOLED™ Plus display
  • 5 Megapixel camera and camcorder with 1.3 Megapixel Front Facing camera
  • AT&T GPS Navigation functionality provides real-time navigation
  • HSDPA 7.2 mbps high speed download capability
  • 8 GB built-in memory (on-board)
  • Up to 32 GB expandable memory slot
  • Corporate and Personal Email
  • Sync and update social network applications
  • Over 650,000 Apps available to download via Google Play Store™
  • Access to Movies and TV Shows with Samsung Media Hub
  • Full Integration of Google Mobile™ Services (Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Voice Search)
  • Multiple Messaging Options: Text/Picture/Video Messaging, AT&T Messages, Google+, Google Messenger, and Google Talk
  • DivX Certified® to play DivX® video up to HD 720p, including premium content.
  • AllShare™ Play to share your media content across DLNA certified devices.

In this Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  • Getting Started : Setting Up Your Phone, Charging a Battery, Switching the Phone On or Off, Locking and Unlocking the Touch Screen, Configuring your Phone, Creating a Samsung Account, Creating a New Google Account, Retrieving your Google Account Password and Setting Up Your Voice Mail.
  • Understanding Your Phone : Features of Your Phone, Front View of Your Phone, Side Views of Your Phone, Rear View of Your Phone, Display Layout, Menu Navigation, Customizing Your Home Screen, Notification Bar, Memory Card and Account and Data Balance.
  • Call Functions : Displaying Your Phone Number, Making a Call, Making Emergency Calls, Making a Call Using Speed Dial, Making a Call from the Address Book, Answering a Call, Dialing Options, Call Log, Call Duration, Options During a Call and Call Settings.
  • Entering Text : Text Input Methods, Entering Text Using the Samsung Keyboard, Changing the Text Input Mode - Keypad, Using ABC Mode, Using Symbol/Numeric Mode, Predictive Text, Samsung Keyboard Settings, Using the Google Voice Typing Feature and Entering Text Using Swype.
  • Contacts and Your Address Book : Adding a New Contact, Editing an Existing Contact, Using Contacts, Joining Contacts, Synchronizing Accounts, Address Book Options, Groups, Address Book Favorites and Managing Address Book Contacts.
  • Multimedia : Media Hub, Music Player, Using Playlists, Google Play Music, Video Player, Play Movies & TV, Gallery, Camera, Using the Camera, Camera Options, Using the Camcorder and Camcorder Options.
  • Messaging : Types of Messages, Creating and Sending Messages, Message Options, Viewing New Received Messages, Deleting Messages, Message Search, Messaging Settings, Using Email, Using Gmail, Google Talk, Google +, Messenger and ChatON.
  • Changing Your Settings : Accessing Settings, Wi-Fi Settings, Bluetooth settings, Data Usage, More Settings, Home screen mode, Blocking Mode, Sound Settings, Display Settings, Storage, Power Saving Mode, Battery, Application Manager, Location Services, Lock Screen Settings, Security, Language and Input, Backup and Reset, Add Account, Motion, Accessory Settings, Date and Time, Accessibility, Developer Options and About Device.
  • Connections : Internet, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and PC Connections.

You can get download the Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

Manual View Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone

You can view Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone before get the pdf

Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone Manual

Get your pdf here

Galaxy Express GoPhone Download Area

Get Download Area for more file such as, software, firmware, driver, PC suite, etc here

We do not have any responsibility for the content as we describe on our desclimer. You can read the disclaimer for more information. Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone Manual comes from Samsung Website for free download.

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