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Nokia C6-00 manual user guide is the product that we will give you the information now, but first of all we will provide you about Nokia C6-00 specs. we get the information about specifications of this smart phone from Nokia website. Nokia C6-00 is perfomed with 3.2 inches Resistive Touchscreen Display With LCD transmissive, Brightness control, Orientation sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light detector and 640 x 360 pixels resolution. It is powered with Single core ARM 11 434 MHz processor, 128 MB SDRAM system memory, 240 MB Internal storage and microSD or microSDHC up to 15 GB. This smart phone is also equipped with 5 megapixels back or main camera with LED flash, 4x digital zoom, Autofocus, Geo-tagging, VGA 640x480 (30 fps) camcorder and also front camera. For another specifications are Symbian OS v9.4 operating system, Slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 4.46 x 2.09 x 0.66 inches dimensions, 5.3 ounces weight, 1200 mAh capacity battery, Bluetooth, wifi, 3.5 mm AV connector and micro usb.

nokia c6-00 manual

Talking about the instruction guide is one of the way for how to know anything about the smart smart phone.we provide you a table content from this PDF guide, so you can see what are you looking for. The instruction content that contains of 112 pdf pages is about guide that is concluded as follows:

  1. Safety : About your device, Office applications, Network services, Shared memory & Magnets and magnetic fields.
  2. Find help : Support, In-device help, Accessibility solutions, Do more with your device, Update device software, Settings, Access codes, Remote lock, Prolong battery life and Increase available memory.
  3. Get started : Keys and parts (front), Keys and parts (top), Keys and parts (sides), Keys and parts (bottom), Keys and parts (back), Insert the SIM card and battery, memory card, Antenna locations, Switch the device on or off, Charge the battery, Touch screen actions, Write text, Lock the keys and touch screen, Headset, Attach a wrist strap and Nokia Switch.
  4. Your device : Home screen, Display indicators, Shortcuts, Search, Volume and loudspeaker control, Offline profile, Fast downloading and Ovi (network service).
  5. Make calls : Touch screen during calls, Make a voice call, During a call, Answer or reject a call, Contact search, Voice dialing, Call waiting, Make a conference call, Voice and video mailboxes, Make a video call, During a video call, Answer or reject a video call, Video sharing, Internet calls and Log.
  6. Contacts (phone book) : Save and edit names and numbers, Contacts toolbar, Manage names and numbers, Assign default numbers and addresses, Contact cards, Set contacts as favorites, Ringing tones, images, and call text for contacts, Copy contacts, SIM services and Contact groups.
  7. E-mail : About e-mail, Add a mailbox, Read e-mail and Send an e-mail.
  8. Mail for Exchange
  9. Messaging : Messaging main view, Write and send messages, Messaging inbox, View messages on a SIM card, Cell broadcast messages, Service commands and Messaging settings.
  10. Nokia Messaging : About Nokia Messaging.
  11. Connectivity : Data connections and access points, Network settings, Wi-Fi/WLAN connection, Access points, View your active data connections, Synchronization, Bluetooth connectivity, Transfer data using a USB cable, PC connections and Administrative settings.
  12. Internet : Browse the web, Browser toolbar, Navigate pages, Web feeds and blogs, Content search, Bookmarks, Empty the cache, End the connection, Connection security and Web settings.
  13. Positioning (GPS) : About GPS, About assisted GPS (A-GPS), Hold your device correctly, Tips on creating a GPS connection, Position requests, Landmarks, GPS data and Positioning settings.
  14. Maps : Maps overview, About positioning methods, View your location and the map, Navigation view, Map view, Plan a route, Get traffic and safety information, Drive to your destination, Walk to your destination, Share location, Save places and routes, Send places to your friends and Change the look of the map.
  15. Camera : Image capture, Video recording and Camera settings.
  16. Photos : About Photos, View images and videos, View and edit file details, Organize images and videos, Photos toolbar, Albums, Tags, Slide show, Edit images, Edit videos, Image print and Share online.
  17. Music : Play a song or podcast, Playlists, Podcasts, Transfer music from a computer, Ovi Music, Nokia Podcasting and FM radio.
  18. Videos : Download and play a video, Video feeds, My videos, Transfer videos from your PC and Videos & TV settings.
  19. Personalize your device : Change the look of your device, Profiles, 3-D tones, Modify the home screen and Modify the main menu.
  20. Applications : Calendar, Clock, RealPlayer, Recorder, Notes and Office.
  21. Settings : Phone settings, Application manager and Calling settings.
  22. Troubleshooting : Green tips, Save energy, Recycle, Save paper and Learn more.
  23. Product and safety information
  24. Index

And for the overview of Nokia C6-00 for knowing about part of the Smart Phone. Here it is below on the picture.

nokia c6-00 overview

Front View


  1. Proximity sensor
  2. Earpiece
  3. Touch screen
  4. Call key
  5. Menu key
  6. Light sensor
  7. Secondary camera
  8. End/Power key

Sides View


  1. Memory card slot cover
  2. Volume up/Zoom in key
  3. Volume down/Zoom out key
  4. Lock switch
  5. Capture key

Top View


  1. Nokia AV connector (3.5 mm) for compatible headsets and headphones
  2. USB connector

Bottom View


  1. Charger connector
  2. Microphone
  3. Wrist strap eyelet

Back View


  1. Camera flash
  2. Camera lens
  3. Loudspeaker

You can get download the Nokia C6-00 Manual, Manual, setup, troubleshooting , etc here.

Manual View Nokia C6-00

You can view first before get the pdf

Nokia C6-00 Manual

Get your pdf here

Nokia C6-00 Download Area

Get Download Area for more file such as, software, firmware, driver, pc suite, etc here

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