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This is not a new digital SLR camera from Nikon, but we wish this all information will be usefull for you, Nikon D300S manual as your user guide ebook. You can also get every download link for other support product here such as driver, quick setup, and etc. We provide you not just the user guide download but also pdf review. For your information this user guide is contained in 432 pages of PDF file that you can download in here from Nikon website. You can save it into your gadgets or pc so you can read for tomorrow or next time when you need it. In this pdf you can get some information such as Information Display, Using Camera Menus, Attach a Lens, Adjust Viewfinder Focus, Focus and Shoot, Programmed Auto, Selecting a Picture Control, Full-Frame and Thumbnail Playback, Direct USB Connection, Creating a DPOF Print Order: Print Set and many more as you can find in your pdf ebook.

nikon d300s manual

In this Nikon D300S guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  • Introduction : Overview and Getting to Know the Camera.
  • Tutorial : Camera Menus, First Steps & Basic Photography and Playback.
  • Framing Pictures in the Monitor (Live View) : Framing Photographs in the Monitor.
  • Recording and Viewing Movies : Recording Movies, Viewing Movies and Editing Movies.
  • Image Recording Options : Image Quality, Image Size and Using Two Memory Cards.
  • Focus : Focus Mode, AF-Area Mode, Focus Point Selection, Focus Lock and Manual Focus.
  • Release Mode : Choosing a Release Mode, Continuous Mode, Self-Timer Mode and Mirror up Mode.
  • ISO Sensitivity : Choosing ISO Sensitivity Manually and Auto ISO Sensitivity Control.
  • Exposure : Metering, Exposure Mode, Long Time-Exposures, Autoexposure (AE) Lock, Exposure Compensation and Bracketing.
  • White Balance : White Balance Options, Fine-Tuning White Balance, Choosing a Color Temperature and Preset Manual.
  • Image Enhancement : Picture Controls, Active D-Lighting and Color Space.
  • Flash Photography : The Built-in Flash, Using the Built-in Flash, Flash Modes, Flash Compensation and FV Lock.
  • Other Shooting Options : Two-Button Reset Restoring Default Settings, Multiple Exposure, Interval Timer Photography, Non-CPU Lenses and Using a GPS Unit.
  • More About Playback : Full-Frame Playback, Photo Information, Viewing Multiple Images: Thumbnail Playback, Taking a Closer Look: Playback Zoom, Protecting Photographs from Deletion and Deleting Photographs.
  • Connections : Connecting to a Computer, Printing Photographs and Viewing Photographs on TV.
  • Menu Guide : The Playback Menu: Managing Images, The Shooting Menu: Shooting Options, Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings, The Setup Menu: Camera Setup, The Retouch Menu: Creating Retouched Copies and My Menu: Creating a Custom Menu.
  • Technical Notes : Compatible Lenses, Optional Flash Units (Speedlights), Other Accessories, Caring for the Camera, Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions, Defaults, Exposure Program, Troubleshooting, Error Messages, Specifications, Approved Memory Cards, Memory Card Capacity, Battery Life and Index.

Navigating the Menus

  1. Display the menus.
  2. Highlight the icon for the current menu.
  3. Select a menu.
  4. Position the cursor in the selected menu.
  5. Highlight a menu item.
  6. Display options.
  7. Highlight an option.
  8. Select the highlighted item.

Adjust Camera Settings

This tutorial describes the basic steps involved in taking photos.

  1. Choose exposure mode P
  2. Choose single frame release mode.
  3. Choose single-point AF
  4. Choose single-servo autofocus.
  5. Choose matrix metering
  6. Check camera settings

Image Overlay

  1. Select Image overlay.
  2. Display NEF (RAW) images
  3. Select a photograph.
  4. Select the second photograph.
  5. Set gain
  6. Highlight the Preview column.
  7. Preview the overlay.
  8. Save the overlay.


You can get download the Nikon D300S Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

Manual View Nikon D300S

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Nikon D300S Manual

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D300S Download Area

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