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If you are the owner of LG Intuition or LG VS950 as LG Intuition manual or instruction guide that directly come from the original LG website. Not just the download link but We also give you the information about manual that is summarized on review and also its download. This LG Intuition comes in pdf format file with 215 pages. You should read this owner guide in order to know about information to operate or configure your smart phone VS950 as Charging with the USB Cable and your computer, Tips to extend the life of your battery, turn the phone sounds off, Setting up your Google Account, view other Home screen canvases, Setting an Unlock Pattern, PIN, or Password, Changing your Lock Screen PIN or Password, Customizing clocks & shortcuts on the lock screen, remove an item from the Home screen, Ignore a call and send a text message and many more about other information here.

lg intuition manual



In this LG Intuition guide you can find table content VS950 as we provide below.

  • Important Customer Information
  • Technical Details
  • The Basics : Phone Overview, Guided Tours, Charging the Phone, Optimizing Battery Life, Turning the Phone On and Off, Phone’s Status Icons, Getting to Know the Home Screen, Mini Canvas View, Touchscreen, Applications: How to View, Open and Switch, Working With Menus, Managing Notifications, Searching Your Phone and the Web, Locking the Screen, Customizing the Home Screen, Connecting Quickly With Your Contacts and QuickMemo.
  • Calls : Placing and Ending Calls, Answering or Rejecting Calls, Working with the Call Log, Calling Your Contacts, Voice Dialer, Options During a Call, Managing Multiple Calls and Listening to Your Voicemail.
  • Connecting to Networks and Devices : Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks, Make Your Device a Mobile Hotspot, NFC, LG Tag+, Using Tag+ writing, Using Tag+ reading and Transfer Content.
  • Web : Backup Assistant Plus, Browser, Maps, Checking the Weather and Changing Weather Settings.
  • Communication : Contacts, Email, Visual Voicemail, Gmail and Talk.
  • Entertainment : Camera, Video Camera, Gallery, Video Wiz, Play Store, Music, Video Player, YouTube and Voice Recorder.
  • Tools : Notebook, Calendar, Tasks, Calculator, Alarm/Clock, Polaris® Office, FileShare and SmartShare.
  • Settings
  • LG Smart Mobile Office
  • Specifications
  • Index

You can get download the LG Intuition Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

LG Intuition Manual

Get your pdf here

Intuition Download Area

Get Download Area for more file VS950 as, software, firmware, driver, smart phone suite, etc here

We do not have any responsibility for the content as we describe on our desclimer. You can read the disclaimer for more information. LG Intuition Manual comes from LG Website for free download.

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