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Kyocera Brio manual is available now, it is just for you the owner of this phone. This instruction guide comes directly from the original website. We also share you information that is summarized on review about this guide and also its download after we give you manual download link. In this Brio page, if there are other product support download, we will give you here.  This Kyocera Brio comes with pdf format file. You should read this owner manual in order to know about information to operate or configure your phone. In this PDF you can find such as Change the Screen Saver, Set the Notification Pop-up, Change the Group Name or Group Icon, Add Members to a Group, Compose Messages, Add a To Do List Item to the Calendar, File Manager, Format the microSD Card, Create Folders in the microSD Card, Manage Voice Memos, Camera Mode Options, In Phone and On Memory Card Folder Options, Send Pictures Using the Bluetooth Feature, View the Trusted Devices List, Trusted Devices List Menu, Set Up Your Voicemail Access Number, Launch a Web Connection, troubleshooting and many more.

kyocera brio manual

In this Kyocera Brio guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  1. Get Started : Your phone at a Glance, Set Up Your phone, Activate Your phone, Set Up Voicemail, Sprint ID and Sprint Account Information and Help.
  2. Phone Basics : Your phone’s Layout, Display Screen, Turn Your phone On and Off, Battery and Charger, Navigate Through the Menus, Display Your Phone Numbe, Enter Text and Simple Data Exchange.
  3. Phone Calls & Settings : Make and Answer Phone Calls, Voicemail, Phone Call Options and Phone Call Settings.
  4. Settings : Display Settings, Volume Settings, Ringer Settings, Messaging Settings, Roaming and Security Settings.
  5. History : View History, History Thread, History Details, History Options, Make a Call From History, Save a Number From History, Make a New Group Entry From History and Delete History.
  6. Contacts : Display Contacts Entries, Add a New Contacts Entry, Edit a Contacts Entry, Add a Number to a Contacts Entry, Create a Group, Edit Groups, Find Contacts Entries, Use Contacts Information in Other Applications, Assign Speed Dial Numbers, Select a Ringer Type for an Entry, Assign a Picture to an Entry, Secret Contacts Entries and Dial Sprint Services.
  7. Messaging : Text Messaging and Multimedia Messaging and Emai.
  8. Calendar & Tools : Calendar, microSD Card, Voice Services, Alarm, Calculator, World Clock, Countdown Timer and Stopwatch.
  9. Camera : Take Pictures, Store Pictures, Send Pictures From Your Phone and Print Pictures From Your Phone.
  10. Bluetooth : Turn Bluetooth On and Off, Make Your Phone Discoverable, Bluetooth Menu, Pair Bluetooth Devices, Trusted Devices List, Send Items via Bluetooth and Print Pictures via Bluetooth.
  11. Web and Data Services : Get Started With Data Services, Download Games, Ringers, and More and Browser Menu.
  12. GPS Features : Location Mode and Sprint Family Locator.
  13. Copyrights
  14. Index
You can get download the Kyocera Brio Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting  and etc here.
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We do not have any responsibility for the content as we describe on our desclimer. You can read the disclaimer for more information. Kyocera Brio  Manual comes from Kyocera Website for free download.

Every Download that there is this Kyocera Brio Manual/ User Guide comes from original product company. we do not have any coorporated with the gadgets company or brand vendor. We just share with you ang get collect all product information and support by searching in internet. If you have any error notification link, please feel free to let me know it.
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