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Here is the ideal mobile projector instruction guide for your portable devices, InFocus IN1110a manual. Its high brightness, light weigt and compact size or you can see in spec below with the price. This user guide is in PDF file format. It has content about Product specifications, Connector panel, Optional computer connections, using a VESA cable to connect your computer to the projector, Turning off the projector, Troubleshooting the remote, Using the projector’s speaker, Listening to Audio Files and many more.

InFocus IN1110a manual

Here is some overview of specification of your device that also can be seen in the original site.

  • 4x3 Native Aspect Ratio
  • XGA(1024x768) resolution
  • 1550/2100 Lumens (Eco/High)
  • 2600 Contrast
  • 3D
  • Closed Captioning
  • 29 dB/33 dB Audible Noise (Eco/High, dBA)
  • SP-LAMP-043
  • 3000/4000 Lamp Hours (Eco/High)
  • VGA, HDMI, USB A, USB Mini-B, Composite, 3.5mm audio in and out Connections
  • 15 Image Offset
  • 2.15~1.95 Throw Ratio
  • Price : $879

In this InFocus IN1110a guide you can find table content such as below this.

  • Introduction
  • Positioning the projector
  • Connecting a computer source
  • Displaying an image
  • Adjusting the image
  • Video device connections
  • Shutting down the projector
  • Troubleshooting your setup
  • Using the remote control
  • Using the audio
  • Using the keypad buttons
  • Optimizing computer images
  • Presentation features
  • Optimizing video images
  • Customizing the projector
  • Using the menus
  • Multimedia EZ Suite Menu
  • Maintenance

Positioning the projector

To determine where to position the projector, consider the size and shape of your screen, the location of your power outlets, and the distance between the projector and the rest of your equipment. Here are some general guidelines :

  1. Position the projector on a flat surface at a right angle to the screen. The projector must be at least 4.9 feet (1.5m) from the projection screen.
  2. Position the projector within 10 feet (3m) of your power source and within 6 feet (1.8m) of your video device (unless you purchase extension cables). To ensure adequate cable access, do not place the projector within 6 inches (.15m) of a wall or other object.
  3. Position the projector the desired distance from the screen. The distance from the lens of the projector to the screen, the zoom setting, and the video format determine the size of the projected image.
  4. The image exits the projector at a given angle. IN1110a image offset is 115%. This means that if you have an image 10’
  5. high, the bottom of the image will be 1.5'.

Using the remote control

The remote also has:

  1. Volume buttons to adjust the sound.
  2. Custom button that can be assigned to a special function, like Blank Screen or Freeze (see page 26).
  3. Source button to switch between sources.
  4. Blank button to blank the screen.
  5. Presets button to select stored settings (see page 25).
  6. Mute button to silence the audio.
  7. Auto Image button to resynchronize the projector to the source.
  8. Resize button to switch among aspect ratios (see page 29).
  9. Help button to provide interactive help for solving common, picture, sound, and cabling problems.

You can get download the InFocus IN1110a Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

Manual View InFocus IN1110a

Read this pdf live in this link

InFocus IN1110a Manual

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IN1110a Download Area

Get Download Area for more file such as, software, firmware, driver, PC suite, etc here.

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