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HTC Wildfire S Manual & Spec

HTC Wildfire S was released. It is perfomed with 3.20 inches HVGA TFT Capacitive Touchscreen Display with 262 144 colors, Multi-touch, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Scratch-resistant glass and 320 x 480 pixels Resolution. It is powered with Single core, 600 MHz, Qualcomm MSM8227 Processor, 512 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM System memory and microSD, microSDHC up to 32 Gb For External Memory. This smart phone is also equipped with 5 megapixels main camera with LED Flash, autofocus and 720x480 (DVD) (24 fps) Camcorder. For another specifications are Android (1.5) operating system, Candybar Smart phone, 99.9 x 57.8 x 14.15 mm dimensions, 105 g weight, 1230 mAh Capacity Battery, GPS, A-GPS, E911 Satellite system, Bluetooth, wifi and usb with connector microUSB and featured such as Mass storage device, USB charging, Computer sync & OTA sync.

You can get Wildfire S Manual download here. The instruction content that contains of 182 pdf pages is about guide that is concluded as follows:

  1. Getting started : Inside the box, HTC Wildfire S, Back cover, SIM card, Storage card, Battery, Switching the power on or off, Entering your PIN, Finger gestures, Setting up HTC Wildfire S for the first time, Ways of getting contacts into HTC Wildfire S and Home screen.
  2. Basics : Adjusting the volume, Sleep mode, Status and notifications, Notifications panel, Connecting HTC Wildfire S to a computer, Copying files to or from the storage card and Copying text, looking up information, and sharing.
  3. Personalizing : Making HTC Wildfire S truly yours, Personalizing HTC Wildfire S with scenes, Changing your wallpaper, Applying a new skin, Personalizing your Home screen with widgets, Adding icons and other shortcuts on your Home screen, Adding folders on your Home screen, Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen, Rearranging the Home screen, Using sound sets, Changing your ringtones and alarms and Rearranging or hiding application tabs.
  4. Phone calls : Different ways of making calls, Making a call on the Phone dialer screen, Using Speed dial, Calling a phone number in a text message, Calling a phone number in an email, Making an emergency call, Receiving calls, What can I do during a call?, Setting up a conference call, Internet calls, Using Call history, Using Home dialing, Call services and Turning Airplane mode on or off.
  5. Search and Web browser : Searching HTC Wildfire S and the web, Using the web browser, Downloading from the Web, Viewing bookmarks and previously visited pages and Setting browser options.
  6. Accounts and sync : About online accounts, Synchronizing with a Google Account, Adding a social network account and Managing your online accounts.
  7. People : Transferring contacts from your old phone, About the People app, Setting up your profile, Importing contacts from your SIM card, Adding a new contact, Importing a contact from an Exchange ActiveSync account, Merging contact information, Filtering your contacts list, Backing up your contacts to the storage card, Contact information and conversations, Sending contact information as a vCard, Contact groups and Adding People widgets.
  8. Social : Facebook for HTC Sense, Facebook app, What’s the difference between Facebook app and Facebook for HTC Sense, Tweeting on the go using Peep, Using Friend Stream and Chatting in Google Talk.
  9. Camera : Camera basics, Taking a photo, Recording video, Adding effects, After capturing and Changing camera settings.
  10. Photos, videos, and music : Gallery and Music.
  11. Market and other apps : Finding and installing apps from Android Market, Using the Clock, Checking Weather, Keeping track of your stocks, Watching videos on YouTube, Listening to FM Radio, Recording your voice and Sharing games and apps.
  12. Messages : Opening Messages, Sending a text message (SMS), Sending a multimedia message (MMS), Resuming a draft message, Viewing and replying to a message, Viewing and saving an attachment from a multimedia message, Push messages, Managing message conversations and Setting message options.
  13. Email : Gmail and Mail.
  14. Calendar : About Calendar, Creating an event, Changing Calendar views, Managing Calendar events, Dismissing or snoozing event reminders, Displaying and synchronizing reminders, Changing Calendar settings and About the Calendar widget.
  15. Maps and location : Location settings and Google Maps.
  16. HTC Sync : About HTC Sync, Installing HTC Sync that came with the storage card, Setting up HTC Sync to recognize HTC Wildfire S, Getting to know the workspace, Setting up synchronization, Synchronizing HTC Wildfire S, Installing an app from your computer to HTC Wildfire S, Synchronizing another device with your computer and Downloading the latest HTC Sync upgrade.
  17. : Signing up for your account, Using and Deleting your account.
  18. Keyboard : Using the onscreen keyboard, Entering words with predictive text, Entering text by speaking, Editing text and Adjusting input settings.
  19. Internet connections : Data connection, Wi-Fi, Connecting to a virtual private network (VPN), Using HTC Wildfire S as a modem (USB tethering), Connecting HTC Wildfire S to the Internet through a computer (Internet Pass-through) and Using HTC Wildfire S as a wireless router.
  20. Bluetooth : Bluetooth basics, Connecting a Bluetooth headset or car kit, Disconnecting or unpairing from a Bluetooth device, Sending information using Bluetooth and Receiving information using Bluetooth.
  21. Security : Protecting your SIM card with a PIN and Protecting HTC Wildfire S with a screen lock pattern, PIN, or password.
  22. Settings : Settings on HTC Wildfire S, Changing display settings, Changing sound settings, Changing the language, Optimizing battery life, Managing memory and Checking information about HTC Wildfire S.
  23. Update and reset : HTC Wildfire S software updates, Restarting HTC Wildfire S and Resetting HTC Wildfire S.
  24. Trademarks and copyrights
  25. Index

You can get download the Wildfire S Manual, Manual, setup, troubleshooting , etc here.

Manual View HTC Wildfire S

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HTC Wildfire S Manual

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Wildfire S Download Area

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