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HTC Desire C is the new from HTC mobile phone, and here is for the owner of this smart phone, HTC Desire C Manual. HTC Desire C guide is directly come from the original HTC website but we provide you this user guide here with summary of user manual. You will get this HTC Desire C in pdf format file. You should read this instruction guide in order to find such an information about how to operate, configure and set this phone. One of the information is such as get to know about the display of phone form rear, back, side view, how you can use your camera, what's the connectivity in this phone, make a message, make a call, setting the sound, change call ringtone, find troubleshooting and many more that you can get from the pdf.

htc desire c manual

HTC Desire C User Guide contains of 158 pdf pages. Here we provide you summarize of manual PDF.

  1. Unboxing : HTC Desire C, Back cover, Removing the battery, SIM card, Storage card, Charging the battery, Switching the power on or off, Setting up HTC Desire C for the first time and Want some quick guidance on using your phone?.
  2. Your first week with your new phone : Features you'll enjoy on HTC Desire C, Home screen, Finger gestures, Sleep mode, Getting contacts into HTC Desire C, Making your first call, Sending your first text message, Getting photos, videos, and music on or off HTC Desire C, Copying and sharing text, Capturing the HTC Desire C screen, Switching between recently opened apps, Notifications, Getting to know your settings, Getting the battery to last longer, Updating the HTC Desire C software and Syncing your media and data with HTC Sync Manager.
  3. Personalizing : Making HTC Desire C truly yours, Personalizing HTC Desire C with scenes, Changing your wallpaper, Applying a new skin, Personalizing your Home screen with widgets, Adding apps and other shortcuts on your Home screen, Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen, Personalizing the launch bar, Grouping apps into a folder, Personalizing with sound sets and Rearranging application tabs.
  4. Phone calls : Making a call with Smart dial, Using Speed dial, Calling a phone number in a text message, Calling a phone number in an email, Calling a phone number in a Calendar event, Making an emergency call, Receiving calls, What can I do during a call?, Setting up a conference call, Internet calls, Call history, Home dialing and Call services.
  5. Messages : About the Messages app, Sending a text message (SMS), Sending a multimedia message (MMS), Resuming a draft message, Checking your messages, Replying to a message, Forwarding a message, WAP push messages, Managing message conversations, Backing up your text messages and Setting message options.
  6. Search and Web browser : Searching HTC Desire C and the Web, Browsing the Web, Private browsing, Adding and managing your bookmarks, Saving web content for later, Viewing your browsing history, Downloading files and apps and Setting browser options.
  7. Camera : Camera basics, Taking a photo, Recording video, Camera scenes, Improving portrait shots, Shooting in low light and Changing camera and video settings.
  8. Photos, videos, and music : Gallery and Music.
  9. Accounts and sync : Adding your social networks, email accounts, and more, Adding one or more Google Accounts and Managing your online accounts.
  10. People : About the People app, Your contacts list, Setting up your profile, Adding a new contact, Importing or copying contacts, Merging contact information, Contact information and conversations, Contact groups, Adding People widgets, Sending contact information and Backing up your contacts to the storage card.
  11. Social : Facebook for HTC Sense, About Friend Stream, Updating your status in Friend Stream, Enjoying Facebook in Friend Stream, Chatting in Google Talk and Using Google+.
  12. Email : Gmail and Mail.
  13. Calendar : About Calendar, Creating an event, Viewing the Calendar, Managing Calendar events, Accepting or declining a meeting invitation, Setting reminders for your events, Dismissing or snoozing event reminders, Showing or hiding calendars and Changing Calendar settings.
  14. Online storage and services : Dropbox and SkyDrive
  15. Travel and maps : Location settings and Google Maps.
  16. Essential apps : Using the Clock, Checking Weather, Working on documents and Completing tasks.
  17. Google Play and other apps : Getting apps from Google Play, Watching videos on YouTube, Recording voice clips and Sharing games and apps.
  18. Your phone and computer : Where apps, data, and files are stored, Connecting HTC Desire C to a computer, Copying files to or from the storage card, HTC Sync Manager basics, Playing music in HTC Sync Manager, Viewing photos and videos in HTC Sync Manager, Setting up HTC Sync Manager to recognize HTC Desire C, Setting up HTC Desire C to sync with your computer, Syncing HTC Desire C and your computer, Ripping music from a CD with HTC Sync Manager, Sharing your mobile data connection by USB tethering and Connecting to the Internet through a computer.
  19. Internet connections : Data connection, Wi-Fi, Connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) and Using HTC Desire C as a wireless router.
  20. Bluetooth and NFC : Bluetooth basics, Connecting a Bluetooth headset or car kit, Disconnecting or unpairing from a Bluetooth device, Sending information using Bluetooth, Receiving information using Bluetooth and Sharing content with Android Beam.
  21. Settings and security : Turning Airplane mode on or off, Changing display settings, Changing sound settings, Changing the display language, More ways to extend battery life, Backing up settings to Google, Accessibility settings, Protecting your SIM card with a PIN, Protecting HTC Desire C with a screen lock, Encrypting data on HTC Desire C, Checking information about HTC Desire C and Managing memory.
  22. Other essentials : Status icons, Using the onscreen keyboard, Entering words with predictive text, Entering text by speaking, Restarting HTC Desire C and Resetting HTC Desire C.
  23. Trademarks and copyrights
  24. Index

Here is an overview Your phone for your first point of manual for getting know about your phone.

htc desire c guide


  1. BACK
  2. HOME
  5. Proximity sensor
  6. POWER
  7. 3.5mm headset jack
  8. USB connector

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HTC Desire C Manual

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