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If you are looking for Coolpad Quattro 4G Manual From MetroPCS Carrier, you can find here. It absolutely comes from Coolpad mobile website. For your information, We do not just share you about the instruction guide download link but We also give you the information about manual that is summarized on review and also its download for several language. This Coolpad Quattro 4G comes in pdf format file with 36 pages. It is really important for reading this owner guide in order to know about information to operate or configure your smart phone such as Create New Contact, Search for contact, Searching messages, Answering/Placing a call via earphone, Bluetooth settings, Functionalities during active calls, create appointments, Composing new e-mail, Taking pictures, playing music and many more about other information here.

coolpad quattro 4g manual

In this Coolpad Quattro 4G guide you can find table content such as we provide below.

  • Phone overview
  • Back cover and battery:
  • Basic operations
  • Power on/off
  • Home screen
  • Applications interface
  • Contacts
  • View and edit contact
  • Messaging
  • Composing sms/mms
  • Dialing
  • Call log
  • Browser
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Sending e-mail
  • Music
  • Sound recorder
  • Gallery
  • Camera
  • Video
  • Introduction to metropcs applications
  • Im and social
  • Mail@metro
  • Metro411
  • App store
  • Total protection
  • Metropcs easy wi-fi
  • Metrostudio
  • Myextras
  • Mymetro
  • Pocket express
  • Rhapsody
  • Settings : wireless & network
  • Call settings
  • Sound
  • Display
  • Location & security
  • Applications
  • Account & sync
  • Privacy
  • Storage
  • Language & keyboard
  • Voice input & output
  • Date & time
  • About phone
  • Calculator
  • Voice dialer
  • Search
  • Maps
  • Navigation
  • Places
  • Voice search
  • Technological data
  • Accessory list
  • Important health information and safety precautions
  • Prevention of hearing loss
  • Tia safety information
  • Fda consumer update
  • Ten driver safety tips
  • Consumer information on sar (specific absorption rate)

You can get download the Coolpad Quattro 4G Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting and etc here.

Manual View Coolpad Quattro 4G

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Coolpad Quattro 4G Manual

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Quattro 4G Download Area

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